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In another case--Vale University's heating installation--an offer by the local gas utility to provide cheap fuel allowed the organization to install a dual-fuel system which greatly increased performance, so it is the propitiousness of unforeseen events that has to be allowed for in explanations of success, as Rodrigues and Hickson (1995) confirm.
So the four key variables of backing, assessability, specificity, and cultural receptivity, together with some good fortune, propitiousness, are those which appear to be associated with the highest level of success.
The 'realizers' act in concert to produce the best chance of success, especially when there is a little bit of luck, propitiousness, or at least no back luck along the way.
The unacceptability of gay marriages may have bloomed with sudden propitiousness on the agendas of Clinton and Dole, but the issue has been steadily moving into the legal conversation across the last twenty-five years.
Charles Doran's analysis of international power cycles leads to hypotheses about the relationship between system structure and the propitiousness of conflict resolution strategies.