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One who offers or proposes.

A proponent is a person who comes forward with an a item or an idea. A proponent supports an issue or advocates a cause, such as a proponent of a will.


noun abettor, advocate, ally, apologist, backer, benefactor, champion, defender, endorser, espouser, exponent, friend, justifier, partisan, patron, pleader, protector, seconder, spokesman, sponsor, subscriber, supporter, sympathizer, upholder, vindicator, votary
Associated concepts: proponent of a will
See also: advocate, apologist

PROPONENT, eccl. law. One who propounds a telling as "the party proponent doth allege and propound." 6 Eng. Ecclesiastical R. 356, n.

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The shortlisted proponents for this unique opportunity are Frasers Property (Formerly known as Australand) with Australian Unity and Lend Lease with Trinity Health.
Many proponents of intelligent design say they reject the notion of a young earth and refrain from tying their ideas to Biblical literalism.
In case another group submits a better offer, the original proponent has the right to match those terms and win the project.
Many Army regulations and pamphlets (including Army Regulation [AR] 600-3, The Army Personnel Development System; AR 70-1, Army Acquisition Policy; AR 5-22, The Army Force Modernization Proponent System; DA Pamphlet 70 3, Army Acquisition Procedures; DA Pamphlet 600-3, Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management; and DA Pamphlet 600-25, U.
Intelligent design proponents aren't the only religious conservatives who have adopted the trappings of science.
In the past, voucher proponents had to counter not only state law restrictions, but also the federal challenge that such programs were unconstitutional.
3 Proponents must ensure that they fully understand the terms and conditions set forth in Annexes 1 and 3 and agree to accept them in case they will be selected to provide the Activities.
The proponents of a birch plywood mill for the Blind River area will proceed with their plans to build a $105-million facility after getting the green light from the Ministry of Natural Resources to harvest the surplus wood supply from Crown land.
Californians for Medical Rights, one of the main proponents of Prop.
In light of this, how do ID proponents argue that their ideas are not religious in nature?