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Hence, obtained results are not proportionable to each other.
Wartburg's entry on cadere includes multiple examples of the usage of "cadence" as a musical term throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, for example, "mouvement a temps egaux et uniformes qui imite le rythme musical," and Cotgrave's dictionary defines cadence as "a cadence; a just falling, round going, of words; a proportionable time, or even measure, in any action, or sound.
Now, it is evident, that the same causes, which would correct these exorbitant inequalities, were they to happen miraculously, must prevent their happening in the common course of nature, and must for ever, in all neighbouring nations, preserve money nearly proportionable to the art and industry of each nation.
and thus it cometh to pass that many become thieves and vagrant beggars through their master's niggardliness that would not do his duty in bestowing some proportionable and competent relief upon them.
Zachary Baggs, Treasurer of the said Theater, shall have 20 Guineas Reward, or proportionable for any Act or Acts thereof.