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More Brits lost their passports in Spain (6,710) than any other country, though 2,006 passports were lost in Australia making it proportionally the highest of all the countries.
While it is true relatively poorer people spend more proportionally on wagers and bets, the overwhelming majority of gamblers responsibly budget their expenditures and use their winnings for "home-centered items.
Social realities and political climate in the Crown of Aragon, however, inspired tribunals there to try more cases and execute proportionally more defendants.
each was liable to contribute proportionally to the partnership to satisfy the debt.
Besides differences in asset allocation, the fact that smaller charities pay proportionally higher advisory fees is a contributing factor.
In fact, although a dose-response relationship held for all exposures, the greatest deficits proportionally speaking occurred when overall exposure was low, a phenomenon also noted in lead exposure.
If it passes, the electoral votes would be distributed proportionally based on the popular vote, starting with the Nov.
The machines have Siemens Simatic S7 programmable controls and proportionally controlled hydraulic clamp cylinders.
So proportionally more bisphenol A would be available to interact with cells.
The amount in an alteration may be proportionally much larger.
Public services throughout the state are under pressure because low-paid illegal immigrants rely on these services - including education - in numbers proportionally greater than the general population.

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