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The Government's ability to hire the right people for this sort of work seems proportionately small too.
In this program, Alan Shawn Feinstein will divide one million dollars proportionately, up to a maximum of $50,000 per organization, among all of the organizations that participate.
This November, Colorado voters will consider Amendment 36, a measure that would make that state the first in the union to allocate electoral votes proportionately according to the popular vote.
It would seem logical that, with such an overwhelmingly Catholic population, the opposition to those acts which the Catholic religion identifies as "gravely disordered" would be proportionately stronger.
The increase was slightly less with the rats in the dry box, rising to about 255 ppb at 10 kV, with proportionately lower increases at lower voltages.
Some of the highlights of the report are as follows: (1) Fall 2003 headcount is similar to Spring 2003 but with a slight decrease in evening students; (2) proportionately more students are continuing from Spring compared to previous Fall semesters; (3) the median age of Gavilan students has remained at about 25 years old; (4) gender proportions have remained fairly constant with three females for every two males; (5) Latinos are the most numerous ethnic group and are proportionately increasing with White, non-Hispanics being the next most abundant; (6) Almost a quarter of students do not speak English as their primary language; (7) The specific gender proportions for the Fall 2003 are 39 percent male and 61 percent female; and (8) the specific ethnic proportions for class of 2003 are 2.
As discussed below, PFIC stock owned directly or indirectly by a partnership may be treated as being owned proportionately by its partners; PFIC stock owned directly or indirectly by an intermediate corporation may be attributed to the U.
The harvester picks up some cover crop leftovers because they are proportionately larger than the small greens.
Proportionately less spending on traditional advertising.
Some argue that drug users commit proportionately more crimes than those who do not use drugs.
This is an important step in the race to make ever smaller microcircuits, because the oxide layer thickness must be reduced proportionately.
Moreover, when purchasing products or services, older consumers purchased proportionately more online than Generation Y consumers, with 36 percent of the older segment purchasing online compared with 26 percent of the younger segment.