proposed statute

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House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, President Rodrigo Duterte's top lieutenant in the legislature, has repeatedly said that the Lower Chamber would conduct exhaustive discussions on the proposed statute in the current 17th Congress.
FAMILIES of victims and survivors of Troubles atrocities protested yesterday against a proposed statute of limitations for killings in the conflict.
The proposed statute would apply to any patient who receives medical care provided via a federal program, such as Medicare or Medicaid, or via a subsidy or tax benefit, such as coverage purchased under the Affordable Care Act or its proposed replacement.
The proposed statute is entitled "An Act providing for the manner and date of election of Sectoral Representatives to the Local Sanggunians.
Under the proposal, the Comelec may appoint any registered voter in accordance with an order of preference as provided for under the proposed statute to serve in the election, should there not be enough teachers who are willing, available and qualified to do so.
I pledge to do everything in my power as chancellor to develop a set of campus policies and procedures to guide the ways in which this proposed statute is used.
The proposed statute will greatly facilitate and streamline government transactions and promote a progressive society as envisioned through an efficient delivery of basic services," the authors stressed.
The campaign had gathered around 50,000 signatures, Stanford said, well shy of the 116,000 required for its proposed constitutional amendment and 87,000 for a proposed statute.
discuss a proposed statute that would prohibit enforcement of publicity
At first, I became absorbed in the complexity of the language and the provisions of the proposed statute.
The transparency provided by the proposed statute no doubt strikes a chord with the public.