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In a 18-page verdict issued here on Wednesday, the bench declared that nomination papers of a candidate were liable to reject, if the proposer or the seconder was not from the same constituency in which the elections were being held.
Before making their offers, each proposer was shown a threat that supposedly came from the responder.
Meanwhile, there was rumour that Chhannulal Mishra, the Hindustani classical singer from the city, had also agreed to become Modi's proposer.
In support of the idea that fear of rejection leads to fair offers, Fellner and Guth found that proposers made higher offers if the consequences of rejection were increased.
However, members of a particularly large camp made much higher offers as proposers than did members of several smaller camps.
The Proposer shall furnish documentary evidence of its status as an eligible and qualified vendor, using
In high-stakes ultimatum games, such as a study in which pairs of Indonesian volunteers received sums equivalent to 3 months' salary, most proposers offer 50 percent of the total, which responders overwhelmingly accept.
The proposers aren't stopping there, also envisioning a small cineplex including an educational IMAX-like theater.
Paley will be holding a proposers briefing, tentatively scheduled for August 8 at 10 a.
The submission of a proposal shall be deemed a representation and certification by the Proposer that they: 3.
At least one proposer for renting the Coliseum has said its plan includes this cost.
Proposers are solely responsible for ensuring timely delivery.