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Earlier, the petitioners' counsels assailed dismissal of appeals and rejection of nomination papers by returning officers on the ground that their proposers or seconders were not the voters of the relevant wards.
Asked if the OCA was amongst the proposers and seconders earmarked for Srinivasan, Behera said: " We are the proposers.
That is, proposers offered more money if the responder showed an angry expression compared to when they showed a neutral expression, but only when the responder demanded 70 per cent of the take.
Neither chimps nor kids were trained that refusal was an option, but the mere threat of a partner's retaliation motivated proposers to share equally, Proctor proposes.
Proposers may register on-line, or by mailing the registration form in the Request for Proposal.
Of course,'' Echeverria continued, ``it is also possible for the board involved in the issuance of the RFP (request for proposals) to voluntarily refrain from discussing the matter with proposers and instruct the department staff to do so except in the manner and on the occasions specified by the board.
Other costs/fees shall NOT be allowed aside from those explicitly identified in Proposers proposals.
They met me and requested me to become a proposer for Modi.
The Speaker shall in the presence of the candidates or their proposers and seconders who wish to be present, scrutinise the nomination papers at 3.
Machiguenga proposers displayed a greater streak of self-interest than any college student had in previous laboratory studies (SN: 3/28/98, p.
As a community-oriented entertainment retail project designed to encourage learning and promote inclusion, the proposers of Atlantis have been sensitive to the RFP and the residential community's desire for access, as well as allocating $6 million into the creation and beautification of Clinton Cove Park, where now only cement trucks reside.
Proposers shall advertise in general circulation media, trade association publications and minority focused media.