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PROPOSITUS. The person proposed. In making genealogical tables, the person whose relations it is desirous to find out, is called the propositus.

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The father of the propositus in family F had a low cobalamin concentration and low-normal TC I/HC and may thus have had mild TC I/HC deficiency, but this remains unconfirmed, as does the somewhat similar picture in the brother; their findings, like the borderline findings in the mother in family E, closely resemble the low-normal TC I/HC concentrations in the obligate heterozygote in family A (Table 1).
a) Patient TC I/HC Plasma, Saliva, Cobalamin, pmol/L nmol/L pmol/L Family A Propositus 0 (b) 0 (b) 65 (c) Daughter (a) 169 21.
DNA analysis of the propositus revealed heterozygosity for a C[right arrow]G transversion at codon 5 of the [beta]-globin gene, which replaces proline with alanine (CCT[right arrow]GCT; 05Pro[right arrow]Ala).
In fact, it turned out that the grandparents of the propositus used to live in the town of Heerlen.
Because the molecular mass of CD13 polypeptide of the propositus should be larger than that of healthy individuals, it also seems possible that an abnormality in proteolysis of CD13 may exist, cleaving the anchored CD13 polypeptide at a position closer to the N[H.
For sequencing of CD13 cDNA, whole blood was collected from the propositus (40-year-old woman) of a family described previously (1).
The hemolysate from the propositus was analyzed, and the resulting profile (Fig.
Direct sequencing of the amplified DNA from the propositus confirmed the nucleotide change from GGT to GAT at codon 69 of the [beta]-gene, which corresponds to a Gly[right arrow]Asp replacement at position 69.
Serum samples were collected from the propositus, her father, mother, paternal grandmother, and younger sister, none of whom had any particular disease, and an unrelated healthy volunteer (a 37-year-old man) as a control.
At autopsy, liver tissue from the propositus was obtained and an extract was prepared according to Tsung [3].