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To offer or propose. To form or put forward an item, plan, or idea for discussion and ultimate acceptance or rejection.


verb advance, advocate, allege, argue, aver, contend, exhibit, hypothesize, introduce, lay before, maintain, make a motion, moot, move, offer, pose, posit, postulate, predicate, present, proffer, project, propose, put forth, put forward, recommend, set forth, submit, suggest, tender, throw out, voice
Associated concepts: propound the law
See also: adduce, admonish, advise, advocate, allege, annunciate, argue, assert, avouch, avow, bear, claim, decide, defend, give, hold, issue, maintain, offer, posit, postulate, proffer, propose, publish, submit, utter

TO PROPOUND. To offer, to propose; as, the onus probandi in every case lies upon the party who propounds a will. 1 Curt. R. 637; 6 Eng. Eccl. R. 417.

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I suppose that that would further fortify his right to due process which requires that the party against whom a charge is levelled, is accorded the opportunity to propound his own questions to whomever he deems appropriate, including your good self,' Medialdea said.
She has generally been relegated to the sentimental and domestic literary traditions of 19th-century women's writings, but Knight examines how she used the themes of racial uplift, the pursuit of social progress, and the figure of the self-made man to propound her theories and demonstrate the limitations of the traditional success model, even for white Americans.
It annoys me how modern pundits propound the superiority of some player over the last 40 years over all others.
Over a dozen people waited their turns to ask questions, propound on the state of international affairs, or seek help in figuring out Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits.
Ontologically speaking, the Pythagoreans had a happier time of it with Ficino, and are seen as a watershed in the history of ontology, as the first philosophers to propound the incorporeality of essence.
The proposed regulations on transfer pricing in the United States propound a new pricing methodology (i.
A-B will also help distribute articles and videotapes that propound Babb's message to newspapers and television stations nationwide.
Instead, he proceeds to propound a five-point program "to enhance family life and thereby reduce the size of the underclass.
By way of example, while he accepts the pagan idea of the preexistence of the soul in some poems, he is unwilling to propound it as a formal doctrine for fear of offending orthodox Christianity.
Be that as it may, we believe that there are matters to be clarified, hence, there is a need to set a hearing to allow parties to be heard and for this Court to propound clarificatory questions to the parties or their witnesses, the resolution stated.
Based on the platform I have thus far heard him propound, it seems to me I would not assume that those votes come at the president's expense.
Be that as it may, we believe that there are matters to be clarified, hence, there is a need to set a hearing to allow parties to be heard and for this court to propound classificatory questions to the parties or their witnesses, the appeals court said in a resolution written by Associate Justice Stephen Cruz.