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To offer or propose. To form or put forward an item, plan, or idea for discussion and ultimate acceptance or rejection.


verb advance, advocate, allege, argue, aver, contend, exhibit, hypothesize, introduce, lay before, maintain, make a motion, moot, move, offer, pose, posit, postulate, predicate, present, proffer, project, propose, put forth, put forward, recommend, set forth, submit, suggest, tender, throw out, voice
Associated concepts: propound the law
See also: adduce, admonish, advise, advocate, allege, annunciate, argue, assert, avouch, avow, bear, claim, decide, defend, give, hold, issue, maintain, offer, posit, postulate, proffer, propose, publish, submit, utter

TO PROPOUND. To offer, to propose; as, the onus probandi in every case lies upon the party who propounds a will. 1 Curt. R. 637; 6 Eng. Eccl. R. 417.

References in classic literature ?
So eager were they to obtain information on this point, that they still continued to propound their queries long after we had shown that we were utterly unable to answer them.
And dar'st thou to the Son of God propound To worship thee, accursed?
inquired the Dodger; taking advantage of the next interval of breathlessness on the part of his friend to propound the question.
Mr Owen propounds precisely the same arguments as did King Henry VIII, who was out 'to extirpe the mischievous Welsh tongue entirely' from Wales.
The landmark work of Henry (1992) propounds that asynchronous communication can be analyzed from five dimensions: participative, social, interactive, cognitive, and metacognitive.
Harris' In the Shadow of Slavery: African-Americans in New York City, 1625-1863 propounds a simple yet perceptive thesis: that class was integral to the development of the black community in New York City from the seventeenth through the mid-nineteenth century.