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As a noun, a proprietor or owner; one who has the exclusive title to a thing; one who possesses or holds the title to a thing in his or her own right; one who possesses the dominion or ownership of a thing in his or her own right.

As an adjective, belonging to ownership; owned by a particular person; belonging or pertaining to a proprietor; relating to a certain owner or proprietor.

Proprietary refers to ownership or characteristics relating to ownership. It describes all the rights that the owner of property can exercise. Proprietary articles are items that are manufactured and marketed under an exclusive right.

Municipal corporations have a proprietary function, a term describing the duty or capacity of a city to enter into business ventures or to perform discretionary acts in the best interests of the citizens. Proprietary functions differ from governmental functions, which are duties that a city performs as a political subdivision of a state.


adj. referring to ownership.


adjective  exclusive, holding property, landed, pertaining to ownership, pertaining to property, praedial, restrictive
Associated concepts: proprietary function, proprietary interrst, proprietary lease, proprietary right

PROPRIETARY. In its strict sense, this word signifies one who is master of his actions, and who has the free disposition of his property. During the colonial government of Pennsylvania, William Penn was called the proprietary.
     2. The domain which William Penn and his family had in the state, was, during the Revolutionary war, divested by the act of June 28, 1779, from that family and vested in the commonwealth for the sum which the latter paid to them of one hundred and thirty thousand pounds sterling.

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It's far too early to count the proprietary services, and especially AOL, out of the game, he said.
Anyone familiar with community health information networks (CHINs) has probably already commented that all the functions mentioned above, and more, can be performed on proprietary networks offered by a number of vendors.
Judge Gans stated that although the proprietary lease contains a "waiver clause," usually found in proprietary leases in paragraph 26, which states that the receipt by the co-op of maintenance charges with knowledge that the proprietary lease has been breached shall not be deemed a waiver of such breach; it is settled law that the acceptance of rent by a landlord from a tenant with knowledge of tenant's violation of a lease results in a waiver of the violation.
Systems built on industry-standard components are not locked into a specific, proprietary vendor implementation.
All employees with access to proprietary data should be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement.