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As a noun, a proprietor or owner; one who has the exclusive title to a thing; one who possesses or holds the title to a thing in his or her own right; one who possesses the dominion or ownership of a thing in his or her own right.

As an adjective, belonging to ownership; owned by a particular person; belonging or pertaining to a proprietor; relating to a certain owner or proprietor.

Proprietary refers to ownership or characteristics relating to ownership. It describes all the rights that the owner of property can exercise. Proprietary articles are items that are manufactured and marketed under an exclusive right.

Municipal corporations have a proprietary function, a term describing the duty or capacity of a city to enter into business ventures or to perform discretionary acts in the best interests of the citizens. Proprietary functions differ from governmental functions, which are duties that a city performs as a political subdivision of a state.


adj. referring to ownership.


adjective  exclusive, holding property, landed, pertaining to ownership, pertaining to property, praedial, restrictive
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PROPRIETARY. In its strict sense, this word signifies one who is master of his actions, and who has the free disposition of his property. During the colonial government of Pennsylvania, William Penn was called the proprietary.
     2. The domain which William Penn and his family had in the state, was, during the Revolutionary war, divested by the act of June 28, 1779, from that family and vested in the commonwealth for the sum which the latter paid to them of one hundred and thirty thousand pounds sterling.

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Coatings, Cleaning Chemicals, Proprietary Additives & Others
With storage needs growing, innovation in storage end-applications lagging and customers feeling the economic pinch of proprietary and codependent server/storage architectures, a bright idea emerged: Why not challenge the longstanding and seemingly immutable symbiosis between storage and computing?
The costs of freestanding and proprietary funds are also different.
It is important to note that a cooperative cannot terminate the tenancy of a tenant-shareholder if the proprietary lease does not specifically grant that power to the cooperative.
Our collaboration with Compugen further validates the importance of our proprietary SAGE data in the quest to develop drugs that target genes involved in disease.
Kayden warned that the council could raid proprietary departments for their revenue generating functions to pad the general fund.
These econonlies of scale will dictate that the World Wide Web standards become universal for health,care communication networks, and drive the proprietary designs out of business - the only ones available, at any price, not long ago.
While GAAC supported the proposal, the Institute accounting standards executive committee (AcSEC) voted unanimously to oppose it, arguing in a comment letter that government entities that report debt refundings by proprietary activities should follow Accounting Principles Board Opinion no.
com ) is a leading natural products research and development company and proprietary ingredients supplier.
Data Center Markup Language (DCML): From their value statement, "DCML provides the only open, XML-based specification designed to do for the data center what HTML did for content and IP did for networking--achieve interoperability and render proprietary approaches irrelevant by providing a systematic, vendor-neutral way to describe the data center environment and policies governing the management of the environment--a fundamental requirement for utility computing.
Though the proprietary services tout their ease of use, that doesn't necessarily apply to getting on the Internet, Donatiello said.
An intranet is a corporate network proprietary to a corporation that uses the same communications protocols, standards, and technology that define the World Wide Web, over the Internet.