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Professional, scientific, and technical services made up the largest sector in terms of the number of individual tax returns reporting nonfarm sole proprietorship activity for 2012, followed by the other services sector, which was mainly comprised of personal and laundry services (Figure A).
One of the manners by which this gap can be narrower is the existence of the managerial proprietorship in the proprietorship structure of the company.
A sole proprietorship is the easiest business to form because no official action is required.
Written in plain language, this book/CD-ROM package provides a blueprint for setting up a sole proprietorship in any state without using an attorney.
1, 2010, for all California-licensed firms, including sole proprietorships, performing specified accounting and auditing services.
The important thing in selling a sole proprietorship plan (or any other insurance) is to ascertain quickly the appeal which will fit the interest and experience of the prospect.
Sole proprietorship net profits for the nation grew $24.
Maureen Speltz was a licensed day care provider who operated a sole proprietorship in Minnesota.
A wealth of self- testing worksheets and quick-reference resources round out this common-sense get-started game plan to proprietorship.
covers all aspects of this decision, including concerns of doing business out-of-state, money issues and personal liability concerns, converting a partnership or a sole proprietorship to another entity, converting an LLC to another entity, converting, dissolving or selling a corporation, and much more.
Both the brochure and speech, "Selecting the Right Structure for Your Business," offer guidance on forming a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company and S or C corporation.