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His relationship with Hawes hit the headlines,leaving Macfadyen to reflect: `If it wasn't Keeley then it would be prosaically boring to them who I was going out with.
Pierced through its conical nose by shafts of light and fixed by asymmetrical columns that thrust through the shell, this monumental form describes the great volume of the theatre (rather prosaically known as the training room).
That Calatrava's sculpturally expressive (but constructionally complex) conception has now been fully realised is a measure not only of its tectonic potency but also, more prosaically, of the importance attached to new developments by the French state rail system.
The somewhat prosaically named Center for the Arts Theatre (CFA) at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco is the main component in an ambitious urban grand plan begun over a quarter of a century ago by the city's Redevelopment Agency.
Prosaically titled, the first solos set in seven years from the Everything But The Girl star fails on several levels.
Hasn't the world changed prosaically from the rule of autocracy to democracy?
They fear the impact of fracking on this beautiful rural environment and, more prosaically, on house prices and tourism earnings.
Other than 77 - prosaically named after its batch number - HIB's line-up of beers fully reflects its mixed cultural heritage, from Diawl Bach and Nos Smoked Porter to Dr Jekyll's Last Waltz and the wonderfully named Pigeon Toed Orange Peel.
More prosaically, Stefan Decosse's article takes us into the brave new world of privatized minor sport, where we encounter the perverse nexus of accumulation and children's recreation.
But cyber security, though prosaically boring, is everyone's responsibility.
It's good that the regulatory authority concerned, the prosaically named Claims Management Register, has the power to strip the company of its operating licence.
The prosaically titled new album, has previously unreleased songs recorded with sparse arrangements: just a piano and Scott-Heron's cigarette-ravaged tenor.