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Not proscriptive, this freely ranging passage, like so many in the book, has the associative quality of conversation among a variety of eclectically learned personae, each coming to the poem with different assumptions and interests.
The social (S) dimensions of Catholic schools covered by the authors exhibit nuanced understandings and proscriptive tones that bode well for schools if academic work can be translated into educational policy (see chapters by Gerald M.
Having come from the proscriptive environment of the college, we are happy to now be able to be flexible with classes and have more time in which to teach.
For example, the overly restrictive guidance on fixed-price incentive contract type (never intended to be as proscriptive as it may have been interpreted to be) was changed to emphasize sound decision making about the best contract type to use in a given circumstance.
Although it is hard to be proscriptive when it comes to using statistical methods, we encourage potential authors to have their statistical analyses reviewed by professional statisticians tuned to the strengths and weaknesses of the statistical approaches used.
If a company's safety culture lacks maturity, more proscriptive PIMS can encourage a "check-box" mentality among even the most experienced personnel, rather than ensuring that tasks are fully carried out.
With four different definitions of pensionable pay at differing contribution rates, the ability to change or defer staging dates, a variety of 'hubs' and pension providers and proscriptive wording for your letters to employees, it is no wonder that some businesses are bemused by the prospect of initiating auto-enrolment.
Instead of the Bar using those funds to "explore" and "refine" their proscriptive advertising rules, why not use these severely needed funds for better pro bono representation of the poor and defense of our planet, just as two obvious examples --the higher purposes for which we as citizen activists have a particular ability and training to implement?
However, the influence of proscriptive and prescriptive writings does not explain the adoption of all the variants of the suffixes analysed in this study.
The marine insurance sector cannot do this in isolation," he said, "as it operates in a fiercely competitive commercial environment, and in many cases is also impacted by various competition restrictions which prevent the sector from being as proscriptive as it might otherwise wish to be.