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PRIMATE, eccl. law.. An archbishop who has jurisdiction over one or several other metropolitans.

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Duke veterinarian Patricia Feeder has placed chips in 20 of the center's 500 prosimians.
This prodded the right side of the prosimian brain toward assuming control of perceptual and motor abilities required for left-handed predation, or food gathering.
And this puts Amphipithecus smack in the midst of a long-standing debate over which lower primate gave rise to the anthropoids: adapids or another prosimian group called the omomyids, which are related to modern tarsiers.
Vasey in International Review of Primatology, "Available data indicate that this behavior [same-sex sexuality] is phylogenetically widespread among the anthropoid primates, but totally absent among prosimians.
66) A similar study, conducted on twenty-nine different primate taxa, including twenty prosimians, eight Old World monkeys, and humans, again demonstrated large relative increases in gyrification in prefrontal cortical regions and in parietotemporal association cortical regions in humans (Figure 2).
The nonhuman primates fall into three groups, including small animals known as prosimians, monkeys, and apes.
Conducting the same experiments with other primates, particularly the prosimians, will offer a truly robust body of comparative knowledge.
Lemurs are rare prosimians found only in Madagascar.
SWINDLER, INTRODUCTION TO THE PRIMATES 56 (1998) ("In contrast to most prosimians and all but two species of monkeys, apes lack tails.
The addition of the twins is a valuable boost to the population of this primitive primate species called prosimians that are found in tropical forests of Vietnam, China and Cambodia.