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adjective abeyant, about to be, approaching, arranged, awaited, close at hand, coming, conceivable, considered, destined, earmarked, eventual, expectant, expected, foreseen, forthcoming, future, hoped for, imaginable, immediate, impending, in prospect, in store, in view, intended, likely, looked for, looming, on the horizon, planned, potential, preparing, projected, promised, scheduled, soon to be, soon to happen, subsequent, to be, to come, ultimate, upcoming
Associated concepts: prospective contract, prospective liaailities, prospective relief, prospective rights
Foreign phrases: Nova constitutio futuris formam immonere debet non praeteritis.A new law ought to affect the future, not what is past. Lex prospicit, non respicit. The law looks forward, not backward.
See also: apparent, forthcoming, future, immediate, imminent, pending, presumptive, proximate

LAW, PROSPECTIVE. One which provides for, and regulates the future acts of men, and does not interfere in any way with what has past.

PROSPECTIVE. That which is applicable to the future; it is used in opposition to retrospective. To be just, a law ought always to be prospective. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 116.

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The conferees agreed that to assess the effects of contaminants in breast milk on child health and development, it will be necessary to examine children prospectively over many years in longitudinal epidemiologic studies that use standardized examination protocols and that specifically assess exposures to environmental contaminants via breast milk.
The Court in ATA/Smith theorized that stare decisis justified applying the new rule prospectively only, if the existing tax statutes were valid under prior law.
If retroactivity is a substantive issue governed by stare decisis, then where a tax refund is being claimed, the result is assumed if the Supreme Court has held that the new rule is to be applied prospectively only; no refund need be granted.
At no point, however, does McKesson explicitly deal with the conflict that would arise if a tax refund claimant were denied a refund on the ground that its newly established constitutional right was to be applied prospectively only.
Assuming that the threshold "new law" test of Chevron Oil and ATA/Smith would be satisfied, the equities favoring its application prospectively only appear to be significant.
It also tempts the Court to soften the effect of overruling Bellas Hess by deciding the case prospectively.
392 (1983) (discriminatory tax on income from federal obligations violates federal immunity), should be applied prospectively.
an executive who retires and is subject to a consulting agreement) will be treated as nonemployee options prospectively from the date of the change.
Such change would be made prospectively, provide audit protection and be done on a cut-off basis.

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