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Successful management of donor prospects evolves along the following developmental process, referred to as the "Seven 'l's of Fundraising:"
The idea is to find someone who understands the firm's business so he or she can identify genuine prospects.
Publishers tire of packages long before prospects do.
The survey was designed to reveal when prospective customers plan to move, whether or not they are currently working with real estate or mortgage professionals, and if prospects are shopping locally or globally.
Booth personnel should be trained to listen to prospects and gather data that will be useful for lead tracking.
Are prospects no longer impressed when they read their name in the salutation and find their company name buried twice in the page-one text?
In fact, it is time-consuming to search the marketplace for businesses that fit your firm's target market profile, determine whether or not they are qualified prospects and begin to establish relationships with them.
Ironically, most prospects or principals who refuse to hire brokers on an exclusive basis do so for fear that, once hired, the broker might drop the ball.
If you are not yet into using Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes to classify your customers and identify prospects, you should be.
Leasing is complete on six prospects, one of which has been drilled.
Prospects: Early loss to Florida Atlantic and three-game February skid nearly doomed Cowboys' postseason prospects.
The West Coast Prospects, an AAU baseball team based in Agoura, travels to Minnesota this week to compete for the 12-and-under World Championship.