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This, according to him, will enable Nigeria to create jobs, wealth, strengthen the economy, reclaim its national pride and strengthen the acclaim of our beloved nation in the comity of prosperous democracies of the world.
The Belt and Road Initiative is also a part of making prosperous world, he described.
If his left-wing take on Britain today is shared by the Corbynistas running Labour, then it's no wonder that so many people - including those who are not middle-aged and not prosperous - view Mrs May and the Conservatives as the party they need to support.
In this ranking, Tunisia came ahead of Morocco (101th in the world) and Algeria (111th), which is ranked third more prosperous Maghreb and North African country, ahead of Libya and Egypt.
The North East of England emerged as the least prosperous region in the UK.
The North East is the least prosperous region but it still saw an "impressive" 6% increase in average annual earnings, reaching PS24,748.
While London still ranks as the UK's most prosperous city, others are "emerging as prosperity hotspots".
More Americans say President Barack Obama is doing a good job of improving the nation's energy policy (48%) and making America prosperous (45%) than at most points in his presidency.
The data shows that Wolverhampton is the least prosperous part of the UK because its citizens report the lowest levels of satisfaction with their lives in the whole country.
MOST PROSPEROUS UK PLACES 1 Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea 2.
The only intrigue was the plans of Prosperous Armenia (PA).
Then fantasy enters the picture, as facts about the history and development of Prosperous are introduced, and weird goings-on they are.