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I stood at the opening of Kerrville Street Festival on Saturday, June 25th, 2011 and listened to the provincial mayor celebrating the fact that there were over 400 different ethnic groups in the area, living together harmoniously and prosperously.
For instance, imagine the difference that would be made if a film or series that showed the Middle East in 25 years' time, living prosperously after 25 years of peace?
The Libyans have been seeking to live prosperously and enjoy their wealth following their great sacrifices.
For example, in The Lion and the Jewel and The Road, it is the African traditional worldview that wins at last which suggest that tradition and ritual rule in African society, and if a person wants to live prosperously and lively in Africa, he or she need to follow the instructions and rules of the society.
We will do our best in order for the tournament to run prosperously.
Here, in one of the greenhouses, the plants grew prosperously.
Crooked chimneys might still be left for the already trained Climbing Boys, and if you go on prosperously, you will by & by get an act of Parliament prohibiting any more houses to be built with crooked chimneys.
Whether its sharpness can be strengthened by adopting management practices similar to those of private enterprises or through strong partnerships with stakeholders, involvement of service users, participation of the governed, or a combination of all of these, the fact will remain that so far no country can coherently and prosperously survive and develop without an effective public administration.
Keen cutting Swords, and Engines killing far, / Have prosperously begun a doubtful War" (III, i, vv.
Slogans of uprisings were living prosperously and freely, and getting rid of totalitarian regimes, he said.
It requires making a choice between accepting the dictates of the current incarnation of Ramses, or being free to practice the morality that will impel us to live responsibly, prosperously, and in harmony with our fellow citizens.
a "truth" that could be maintained in the spirit of what it might usefully do for someone: "Any idea upon which we can ride, so to speak; any idea that will carry us prosperously from any one part of our experience to any other part, linking things satisfactorily, working securely, simplifying, saving labor; is true for just so much, true in so far forth, true instrumentally [sic]" ("Pragmatism" 2:158).