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He comes to this internal awakening through imagining Sir Asher carefully enacting Jewish rituals: "There came to him a touch of new and artistic interest in this prosy, provincial ex-M.
Her goodness was above the prosy morals of the husband-seeker (.
The initial cap is distracting, drawing unwonted attention to the modest conjunction, and heightening the impression that "feared," which would have seemed like semi-automatic parallelism if paired with "reviled" in the previous line, is slightly out of place, as though betraying emotion buried beneath the prosy detachment.
The ruined poem asks us to remember the lost whole, and by the end of the poem, despite all the prosy language--those etcs, the litotes ('my tidier lines'), the cliches ('the point is'), and all that humble conversationalism--we still know nothing about how the poem got written; it remains a secret, a message in a bottle carefully addressed to no one.
T]his sort of cooking takes place indoors, in the prosy confines of a kitchen.
The first half of the book was dense, allusive, difficult; then the tone changed with the Life Studies poems, free-verse, almost prosy, autobiographical pieces with lower-case letters at the beginning of the lines as if repudiating all the solemnity previously associated with poetry.
Especially between the second and third comments, he runs the gamut, going from an idiomatic reading (whereby his poem exhibits a perfectly shareable, colloquial, prosy rhythm), to an idiolectical reading utterly singular in its rhythms (a song of himself, of sorts).
Onegin enters the scene prosy and crude, doesn't even lean toward a half-rhyme .
Second, this article presents the comparison of the movement or fluctuations in industrial production indices and chemical production indices that aid in determining if production in the chemical industry can he used as a prosy for total production in an economy.
In a letter to Ballantyne, his printer, Scott exclaims, "I'm done, thank God, with the long yarns of the most prosy of Apostles--Paul.
Survey of prosy disabilities in patients treated with multiple drug therapy in Ivory Coast.
Its straightforward, often prosy verse is accessible and haunting.