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All that remains to the protagonist, in addition to "the voices in the wind," is The Karanovo Chronicle, a book that contains the early history of the Aracki family, one of few things that the protagonist brought with him when he left his country.
I wish, however, to resist reading the novel only as an exploration of the inner mental workings of the protagonist where Greta Hicks functions as an external symbol for the darkness within the protagonist.
As I will argue over the course of this article, Malerba's protagonist is marked by such a condition of psychotic uncertainty as to the borders between self and other, the origins of which are to be found in the screen memory that opens the novel.
But to a 2nd grader, who does not know that he or she is not supposed to be able to learn this, protagonist and antagonist are just words, like "vegetable" or "download.
But within the narrative, scattered statements of Margaret herself or those of the narrator indicate that the protagonist is hardly to blame for the mishaps that are associated with her.
After fifteen years of learning his skills as a political animal, our principal protagonist runs for the presidency of the United States.
The majority of the above passage explicitly addresses an intradiegetic you, the story's protagonist.
Mary Norton's tiny Borrowers' fearfully negotiating the oversized world of the Human Beans expresses "the situation in any society which suppresses and stunts the growth of the human spirit"; Norton's choice of the adventurous adolescent girl Arrietty as her protagonist makes a more overt statement about the position of women within both the late nineteenth-century era in which the Borrowers tetralogy is set, and the post-World War Two era in which it was written (Swinfen 131).
Eventually, the protagonist settles in New York, where she meets a host of off-beat characters, among them Ava Taurel, a dominatrix who appeared in Valezuela's Novela negra con argentinos.
The Red Flower" and "The Dandelion" quickly introduce the protagonist and the institutional setting.
Protagonist recently completed a Phase 1 study of PTG-300 that established pharmacodynamic-based clinical proof-of-concept by achieving dose-related and sustained reductions in serum iron levels in normal healthy volunteers.
The book opens with the protagonist having zir first sexual encounter.