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Sensi-Care Clear Zinc Skin Protectant is formulated with Zinc Oxide known for its mild antibacterial activity and skin-soothing properties and Dimethicone, which keeps away water to assist keep skin dry.
Based on the active ingredient mancozeb, Dithane is recommended on over 70 different crops for the control of over 400 diseases globally and is regarded as a very cost-effective protectant fungicide.
Critic-Aid anorectal skin protectant provides protection and temporary relief from skin irritation caused by severe or chronic diarrhea and enzymatic drainage, offering added protection by adhering to wet, weepy skin.
Below the protectant, laminates have a highly compressed paper liner with a photographic image of wood.
K-Pak Reconstruct Leave-in Protectant by Joico: This is a foaming leave-in protectant that seals the cuticle and provides a protective barrier using antioxidants such as guava extract and vitamins C and E.
Products include fungicides, insecticides and biologicals; stored grain protectants and a broad line of seed conditioning and treating equipment.
Our standard for sunscreen is extremely high with our acclaimed Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant being renowned by our many users and Hollywood celebrities for its superb feel, antioxidant protection and skin balancing benefits.
will introduce DIFINSA53(TM) Skin Protectant Lotion at the 2015 Annual Convention of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) in San Antonio, TX.
It also contains a cell protectant comprised of at least four ingredients selected from the group extracts of "solanum tuberosum extract," an antioxidant, a sun protectant, a cell metabolism stimulant, and an inflammation inhibitor; and at least one functional ingredient penetration enhancer selected from the group consisting of a water soluble ingredient and an oil soluble ingredient.
The company currently has 4 vascular protectant programs in development including AGI-1067, an oral agent in Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of retenosis and atherosclerosis.
AM: The business connection between crop protectant and seed companies is obvious.
His preliminary data indicate that the leading candidate protectant, best known as EDU, "was detrimental to plant growth" under all but extreme ozone concentrations.