protection money

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According to Undug the protection money that these ASG was asking for ranged from P200,000 or more, in areas where government projects were being implemented.
The factory was set ablaze over non-payment of Bhatta - protection money.
President Duterte revealed in August a very thick list of local government leaders who have been allegedly receiving protection money from drug lords.
Abdellah said that construction companies working on those projects, whether assigned by the state or by private sector developers, calculate the additional cost of those protection money within the construction process at an average of 15% to 20% of the real cost, which constitutes new financial burdens for the state as well as private companies, in addition to the recent hikes in the price of raw materials, labour, transport, etc.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army arrested a gang in Akkar's Fnaydeq Tuesday on charges of extorting protection money from citizens.
Government officials admit the Taleban is forcing mobile phone companies to pay protection money or turn off services at night in some parts of the country.
Two jobless men attempted to extort a massage centre owner by asking for protection money -- only to fail when they realised he could not understand Arabic, a court has heard.
Sarmiento said he has received persistent reports that certain people and groups are using his name this early to extort and demand protection money from vice syndicates particularly those involved in illegal gambling like jueteng and warned that he will never allow anyone to tarnish his good name.
A mobster was telling a henchman not to punish a store for failing to pay its pizzo, or protection money.
As predicted, she's after more protection money so that Adam doesn't get beaten up in prison.
Kumar told officers that inmates who attacked him had muffled faces and even demanded protection money from him.
KARACHI -- At least forty medical practitioners of various hospitals of Karachi have received threatening emails from certain extortion mafias operating from South Africa, Afghanistan and other areas demanding hefty protection money which has created fear and unrest in the medical community.

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