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noun aegis, armor, asylum, barricade, buckler, bulwark, citadel, conservation, covering, covert, coverture, custody, defense, fortification, freedom from danger, guarantee, guard, guardianship, haven, hedge, immunity, invulnerability, oversight, palladium, panoply, praesidium, preservation, preserve, refuge, safe conduct, safeguard, safekeeping, safety, salvation, security, shelter, shield, strength, stronghold, support, tutela, tutelage, wardship, wing
Foreign phrases: Inde datae leges ne fortior omnia posset.Laws were make lest the stronger might become alllowerful.
See also: adoption, advantage, affiliation, assistance, auspices, behalf, blackmail, bribe, bulwark, charge, conservation, coverage, custody, defense, direction, ecology, gratuity, guidance, haven, immunity, impunity, insurance, inviolability, lodging, panoply, patronage, precaution, preservation, refuge, reinforcement, safeguard, safekeeping, safety, security, shield, supervision, support, surveillance, trust, veil, ward

PROTECTION, merc. law, The name of a document generally given by notaries public, to sailors and other persons going abroad, in which is certified that the bearer therein named, is a citizen of the United States.

PROTECTION, government. That benefit or safety which the government affords to the citizens.

PROTECTION, Eng. law. A privilege granted by the king to a party to an action, by which he is protected from a judgment which would otherwise be rendered against him. Of these protections there are several kinds. F. N. B. 65.

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S whistleblower provisions and data protection law.
The decision hinged on labor law issues, not data protection law issues.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) explaining its position on whistleblower hotlines under French data protection law; it sought to initiate a dialogue with the SEC on these issues.
The Sixth Amendment protections, on the other hand, do not relate to the coercive atmosphere of custodial interrogation.
The scope of the protections of the Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights to counsel likewise reflect the principles underlying those protections.
Because the design of the amendment is to ensure fairness in the prosecution, the protections of the amendment extend only to the crimes with which the subject has been charged.
A built-in "Safety Status" feature displays which features and protections are enabled or when they were last run.
In addition to these protections, America Online's technology works behind the scenes to continually help protect members' online safety and security.
Updated America Online Software Adds Full-Computer McAfee(R) Virus Protection, New SpyZapper(TM) Feature, Security Alerts, New SpIM Controls
Included in the Protection One review will be consideration of a variety of options, including: review of the company's capital structure; changes in financial ownership interests, including spinning or splitting off some portion or all of Western Resources' interest; potential purchase of selected Protection One assets by Western Resources; seeking new sources of debt and equity capital; refinancing existing debt; the repurchase of Protection One debt by either Protection One or Western Resources; and other options.
However, Western Resources has experienced some short-term financial challenges with regard to its Protection One investment and those challenges must be managed.
Specifically, Western Resources believes it is important to address ways to eliminate the negative effect of Protection One's losses on Western Resources' income statement.