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The socks were only for very small babies, and as parents with older children arrived, one father laid his hands on his son's shoulders protectively as he crowded closer and was asked to wait for more suitable clothing.
The Authority requires the services of a competent Contractor to provide the service for the Disposal of Protectively Marked Paper for use by all bodies covered by NI Public Procurement Policy.
VMRO-DPMNE continues to propagate nationalism while BDI behaves protectively and it is clear that the two parties are afraid of marginalization if one party got more MPs," Bilalli said.
The two were definitely having a cosy time as Amal was spotted snuggling up to her hunky BF, as he protectively placed his arm around her slender shoulders, according to You.
She also watches protectively as her sister plays, and joins her on stage for a duet.
The Derry musician, 37, protectively held hands with Courteney Cox's daughter Coco as they strolled through LA airport on St Valentine's Day.
As its name suggests, this unique piece of furniture is evocative of a giant pumpkin, welcoming the user with its protectively voluptuous - and voluptuously protective - shell.
The boy was hypothermic and Tarja stood protectively over him the whole time until help arrived.
With a hand protectively over their abdomen they refer to "my baby.
Government spokesman Manoah Esipisu said any shooting was from Kenyan troops, who were acting protectively, and the terrorists' resistance had ended.
Gunshots could still be heard from the mall but the government spokesman said they were from Kenyan forces going room to room, firing protectively before entering unknown territory.
Sechelt artist Richard Krentz has taken trees which didn't survive the vicious storms of the Pacific Ocean, and lovingly carved an eagle, its wings stretched protectively over the entrance to the Park.