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I've ridden out for 25 years, and, believe me, these protectors will serve no useful purpose," she said.
All of these methods require the test subjects to fit the hearing protector themselves (as opposed to the experimenter fitting the protector under the current standard).
A trust protector has contractual powers (described in the trust document) to assist in guiding both corporate trustees and trust beneficiaries through legal and tax complexities to realize the trustor's original intent.
The head protector is designed with minimal edges for easy cleaning and is latex-free, nonconductive, and features x-ray translucent capabilities.
This study evaluated the effectiveness of an external hip protector to prevent hip fractures.
Clinical trials show us that, when seniors are wearing a hip protector, not only is there virtually no incidence of hip fracture, but their fears about falling are also decreased dramatically," Dr.
SIR--In the March issue of Age and Ageing, two studies on the compliance of hip protectors were published [1, 2] together with an editorial [3].
The mouthformed protector is theremoplastic and is the most easily formed, since it can usually be softened by immersing it in hot water.
It also found that the order to amend the Constitution to strip the Reserve Bank of its primary function of protecting the value of the currency was also entirely unrelated to the improper conduct that the Public Protector found to have been committed.
A fluid-proof mattress protector is a simple and affordable way to secure the warranty and extend the life of your mattress.
Included in the full Screen Guard is an anti-glare protector, anti-smudge protector, mirror protector, four-way privacy protector and transparent protector.