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En la introduccion al decreto protectoral de febrero de 1822 que prohibia el juego de gallos, el programa quedaba patente: <<Nada importaria hacer la guerra a los espanoles, si no la hiciesemos tambien a los vicios de su reinado>> (LDC, 16 de febrero de 1822).
The old Cromwellians wanted to continue government by the Protectoral constitution of the Petition and Advice with Richard as Lord Protector.
1) Este mismo argumento se repitio en el Estatuto Protectoral (Seccion Primera.
Cromwellian portraiture and panegyric, which during this same period drew directly from Van Dyck and the Caroline court, may have exposed Cromwell to scorn and to dangerous nostalgia for the absent monarch; but some of Cromwell's more important artistic and political supporters worked to stabilize this threat by constructing what is a refrain in this book: an "antiformalist, syncretic, and activist protectoral image" (35).
But while I would accept that Milton's primary aim is to use the reader's understanding of human politics to clarify our sense of the kind of human beings which God calls us to be, I doubt whether that requires us to deny, or even to play down, the element of satirical commentary on royalist, parliamentarian, and protectoral government which this language implies.
Beyond such obvious instances as Marvell's Protectoral poems, we get glimpses of his poetic interests informing his relation to his patrons--in his correspondence with the Lord Wharton, for example--and to his family.
In the absence of a royal court, fashion became 'deregulated', with London merchants supplying the desires of rich customers, especially royalists eager to cock a snook at the protectoral regime.
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During the twists and turns of the Cause in the later 1650s--the glorification of the Protector as the God-like Creator of a new republic, the collapse of Protectoral politics and the revived imagery of collective creation and restoration, the final collapse in 1660--Milton was planning, and beginning to write, Paradise Lost.