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The First Amendment also protects press freedoms by making it exceptionally difficult for government officials and other public figures to win libel suits.
And while Congress crafts privacy legislation for the nation, California businesses are bound by the nation's most stringent privacy protection laws, SB 1386 and AB 1950, which require companies to take reasonable measures to regularly protect the data on computers and networks.
Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization Insurance: Protects companies from losing their foreign investments in plant, property and equipment due to acts of a foreign government.
New Jersey conservation officials add that municipalities that access information about big trees and then take the necessary steps to protect them will find that tree management not only enhances water quality, but also reduces the costs incurred by installing and maintaining stormwater infrastructure.
In the preface to the NRC report, Dick Thornberg, committee chair, chides school officials and others for seeking "surrogates to fulfill the responsibilities of training and supervision needed to truly protect children from inappropriate sexual materials on the Internet.
Protects against: Chickenpox, usually a mild disease but it can have more complications in some children.
The Internet and email are critical components of our business model, and we rely heavily on McAfee anti-virus software and services to protect our company's desktops from email-aware viruses and Internet-borne malicious code," says Stephen Turmo, PC LAN analyst at Old Republic Title.
The ADA also protects people who are "regarded as" disabled, he pointed out.
The primary holding in Swidler & Berlin was that the common-law attorney-client privilege survives the client's death; this principle would also protect the disclosure of tax advice subject to the Confidentiality Privilege after a taxpayer-client's death.
However, there are rules of privilege that will protect other classes of documents, such as most peer review records, once a proper basis is established for the claim of privilege.
For instance, to protect a certain directory with several accounting data files in it, an invisible character could be hidden in the directory name.
nCipher protects critical enterprise data for many of the world's most security-conscious organizations.