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A young person who is taught and helped by someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience," is the definition of a Protege.
The mentor does not teach the protege directly but, rather, pushes the protege out into a sea of learning experiences in order to grow.
The results of these studies demonstrate many benefits to the career success of the protege, the career of the mentor and the organizations that encourage informal mentoring or have developed formal mentoring programs.
9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In a commitment to encourage and develop the next generation of highly successful businesswomen, The Committee of 200(C200) Foundation has launched a new iteration of their previously established C200 Protege Program.
First, they take great care to manage the degree of difficulty of the protege's job assignment and ensure that the protege has the support needed to succeed and learn.
Protege Beauty has introduced an effective anti-aging product that actually works: Protege Beauty's MezmerEYES Anti-Aging Bio-Restorative Eye Creme.
Scott Safety has launched the Protege ZM Single Gas Monitor - what it calls a zero maintenance single gas monitor that is easy to use and delivers high performance in a small, ergonomically designed package.
The recognition and acceptance of these protege feelings without any judgment is one of the most powerful qualities of the ideal mentor.
Mentoring is a developmental relationship that involves close interpersonal interactions between a mentor and their protege and it has become a popular research topic as evidenced by the various meta-analyses summarizing the literature (Allen, Eby, Poteet, Lentz, & Lima, 2004; Eby, Allen, Evans, Ng, & DuBois, 2008; Underhill, 2005).
The predominant focus of contemporary management research on mentoring has been on "outcome or criterion variables" (Scandura & Pellegrini, 2007: 7), more specifically as a positive experience for the protege, the mentor, and the organization.
E "Lockheed Martin Aeronautics selected Sciaky to become a protege company because of their outstanding quality, delivery and service attitude," said Tom Simmons, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.
In a world where it's all about teamwork and wanting to get along, mentorship is about only two people: the mentor and the protege.