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In general, proteges receive two broad types of support from their mentors: career and psychosocial (Allen, Eby, O'Brien, & Lentz, 2008; Kram, 1983).
Are some proteges more inclined to negative mentoring experiences than others?
True mentors provide their proteges with both career support and social support.
It's a phenomenon in our culture that as you gain more importance and success you are expected to oversee more and more people, which means that face time with your proteges goes down," says Malmgren.
In a world where it's all about teamwork and wanting to get along, mentorship is about only two people: the mentor and the protege.
Some proteges in the first cohort have also collaborated in other activities.
Issues of criteria used in matching mentors and proteges have also been discussed in the literature (Armstrong, Allinson, & Hayes, 2002; Eby & Allen, 2002; Eby & Lockwood, 2005; Scandura, 1998; Waters, 2004; Wilson et al.
Over the past few years, she also helped launch several culture-changing programs, including a flexible mentoring plan that is changing the professional lives of not only the proteges but also the mentors.
This unique playbook further enhances the resources available to our Supply Corps community, providing useful tools for mentoring within the Supply Corps, as well as fundamentals for mentors and proteges developed through best practices and basic doctrine.
For example, by providing career support to proteges, mentors can form their authority, solidify their status in the organization, and earn interpersonal support from their proteges (Eby, Durley, Evans, & Ragins, 2006).
The workplace may also champion success among proteges by celebrating "mentoring moments," and recognizing mentoring behaviors and successes.
The nurse managers in these units were designated as mentors, and the novice nurses were proteges.