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Transient expression in Arabidopsis thaliana protoplasts derived from rapidly established cell suspension cultures.
An improved protocol for microcallus production and whole plant regeneration from recalcitrant banana protoplasts (Musa spp.
Genetic construction of potentially probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii yeast strains using intraspecific protoplast fusion.
The use of protoplast production, protoplast regeneration and fragment length polymorphisms in developing a systematic and highly reproducible breeding strategy for Agaricus bisporus.
To provide the red algal species in a diet suitable for juvenile abalone three propagation methods; spore production, protoplast isolation, and fragment culture were investigated.
Protoplast preparation and regeneration from spores of the biocontrol fungus Pseudozyma flocculosa.
The protoplast (spheroplast) is the living material of a bacterial cell, including the protoplasm and plasma membrane, excluding the cell wall.
Although crosses between potato and the Mexican diploid species are extremely difficult (Ramon and Hanneman, 2002), somatic hybrids between potato and these species can be readily developed by protoplast fusions (Helgeson et al.
After a protoplast is produced, the following series of events takes place: first a complete cell wall is produced, followed by cell division, which results in a small clump of cells.