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We consider techniques for combining self-descriptions from people who occupy some vocational niche, so as to describe the ideal characteristics of a prototypal member of the occupation, and delineate the requirements of the niche.
As Kolnai notes, "pliability, unresisting adaptability and unreserved self-adjustment are prototypal opposites of Dignity".
Then, I undertake a resistive reading that ruptures the dominant representation of prototypal U.
But there is no doubt that a genre, constructed from an alliance of literary content, short running formula, and the handcrafted and prototypal production mode incorporated, expressed a clear distinction when compared to US television drama.
k]))] that we decided to neglect (the function f is associated to a prototypal Gaussian PSF; see the next section).
Millon (1996) suggested two prototypal variants of the histrionic personality style that he considered to be "normal" variants.
It must be said that the prototypal images in the Arcadian ideal--harmonizing classical architecture with its exuberant trees and distant waters, a theme of the seventeenth century--were gradually adopted by varieties of national European landscapes, shaped according to each geology and vegetation.
Francis Bacon asserted that the order of natural philosophers in "Salomon's house"--the prototypal scientific academy of his utopian New Atlantis (1627)--had a particular gift for distinguishing the genuine miracle from the spurious: "thou hast vouchsafed of thy grace to those of our order, to know thy works of creation, and the secrets of them; and to discern (as far as it apertaineth to the generations of men) between divine miracles, works of nature, works of art, and impostures and illusions of all sorts.