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But most important, if you are a lover of spas and nature, it has set itself apart (and perhaps started a new movement) with its prototypal spa concept, Spa en Vivo, located on a private hilltop in the countryside, just ten minutes from Hotel Matilda.
The Lithuanian language still retains the original sound system and morphological peculiarities of the prototypal Indo- European tongue and, therefore, is fascinating for linguistic study.
We developed a prototypal system, which has been evaluated by collecting daily television newscasts from 7 major Italian broadcasters and 95 RSS news feeds from online websites for a period of about 8 months.
k]))] that we decided to neglect (the function f is associated to a prototypal Gaussian PSF; see the next section).
It must be said that the prototypal images in the Arcadian ideal--harmonizing classical architecture with its exuberant trees and distant waters, a theme of the seventeenth century--were gradually adopted by varieties of national European landscapes, shaped according to each geology and vegetation.