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also developed a Gender Inclusive Depression Scale (GIDS), which included both prototypic and externalizing symptoms.
Lupus erythematosus is the prototypic interface dermatitis associated with a perivascular and perifollicular lymphocytic infiltrate, increased dermal mucin, and follicular plugging (Figure 2).
Using prototypic receptor inhibitors, we sought to identify the predominant mER through which BPS initiates nongenomic signaling.
Conceivably, the choice of narratives and perspectives may depend on the prior learning history of the writer (Pennebaker & Chung; see also McAdams & Adler) and the temporary salience of the representations involved, including the use of culturally-derived, prototypic emotion narratives of the nature proposed by Hogan (86-87).
Specifically, only those children who show understanding of the negative affective reactions of prototypic other children and of themselves in aversive situations would be expected to understand the affective reactions of the animal character in the story.
Luminary and Nightingale recipient Susan Dolan, Hospital Epidemiologist, Children's Hospital, Aurora, described as a prototypic shoe leather epidemiologist, identifies exposures and risks that others may have missed.
Bateman and Grant (1993) described a person with prototypic proactive personality as "one who is relatively unconstrained by situational forces, and who effects environmental change" (p.
A prototypic presentation of a patient with CRPS includes persistent "burning" dysesthetic pain in a limb with a region of intense allodynia, hyperalgesia, extreme guarding of the affected limb, diminished strength and range of motion (ROM), and objective evidence of local autonomic dysregulation and trophic changes in the skin, hair, and nail (5).
In the absence of empirical knowledge about proteotypic peptides and limits on work flow capacity, the authors eliminated from the AIMS analysis a subset of putative biomarkers that lacked prototypic peptides.
Each expression depicted a variant of the full-face, prototypic version of anger found in stimulus sets, such as the Pictures of Facial Affect or the Japanese and Caucasian Facial Expressions of Emotion stimulus sets.
This is an especially important discussion, as Dorothy Sue Cobble points out in her concluding piece, to understand how "collective mobilization would change if we moved beyond the factory paradigm and took the experiences of intimate labor and of intimate workers as prototypic rather than exceptional" (p.