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503), Pandarus goes about things protractedly, if rather obliquely, by describing first how he heard his friend making his solitary |lowe confessioun' to the God of Love and then how the penitent had to be busily |preached at' in order to get him to confess the name of his lady;
If we have slow economic growth through the 1990s, 1 or 2 percent a year, then we have a protractedly long recovery cycle.
Well, The National Network, after a protractedly silly legal battle, will in fact be able to rename itself ``Spike TV, the First Network for Men'' (consider, for a moment, the type of person who would actually be induced to watch a channel called ``Spike'').
And in no institution has this battle been waged more confusingly or more protractedly over the last twenty-five years than in that supposed asylum pacis, or "haven of peace," the epithet which the great German scholar and library director Adolf von Harnack once gave the research library.