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This was partly due to the fact that the evening was so protractedly tedious in content that pondering a Little Briton's love life was preferable to watching most of the self congratulatory sketches.
Or to draw attention to the fact that Cecile de France's function as feisty French femme Monique La Roche is almost totally decorative or even mention that the cameos (a homage to the 1956 version) range from the tediously pointless (Richard Branson as, oh get this, a balloonist) and pointlessly tedious (John Cleese as confusedbobby) to the inexplicable (Kathy Bates as Queen Victoria), the embarrassing (Mark Addy), the unfunny (Luke and Owen Wilson) and the protractedly jaw-droppingly bad (Arnie in a bad wig sending himself up as a lecherous, egotistic Turkish prince).
Moreover, English friends and mistresses had houses in England, some quite fancy, where Yeats would stay, often protractedly.
While there has long been a conservative Catholic voice in DC--most notably and protractedly that of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and most recently witnessed by Crisis magazine editor Deal Hudson's sway with the Bush administration--we are about to see increased, concerted efforts by right-wing Catholics to be political players "inside the beltway.
The recent entry of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic into NATO had far more psychological significance for people in the region than the protractedly scheduled entry into the European Union.
The heresy with which Brigges grappled most extensively, the lie over which he disputed with Satan most protractedly, was the idea that nature, not God, is the prime mover of earthly events.
Stephens is well aware of the dangers of engaging too protractedly with the ironic: it never lets critical judgement settle, and when one pursues it, it infinitely recedes in kinds of knowingness and doub ling that leave the commentator thwarted.
It emerges that matters of usage and grammar are hotly and protractedly debated in schools, offices, bedrooms, and all sorts of other gathering and watering places.