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In patients with a retrognathic mandible, a standard 4-inch curve would result in a flat posterior curve, causing posterior protrusive interferences.
Yet Simians, the first of the series, opens with the featureless facial structure of a generic ape: a prominent brow ridge above round eye sockets and a protrusive maxilla.
1) Scott Higgins' recent '3D in Depth: Coraline, Hugo, and a Sustainable Aesthetic' argues that while the "overt and protrusive 3D" of exploitation horror films like My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) and Piranha 3D (2010) demonstrates that such genres offer "greater diegetic lassitude", "quality film must not smell of the fairground.
Examination findings revealed mandibular range of motion with maximum opening of 54 mm, protrusive excursion of 05 mm, left lateral excursion of 14 mm and right lateral excursion of 12 mm.
In the maxillary, the line of action has the same magnitude, but a protrusive direction, which generates a counterclockwise rotation on the palatal plane.
Some researchers, however, do not support this technique because the re-bonded surface cannot withstand the occlusal forces that occur during protrusive movements [Baty et al.
The root weevil is sand-colored and shaped like a kidney bean, with brown spots and a protrusive snout suggestive of an anteater.
In the foreground I can see a partial shadow of my father's head, identifiable by his protrusive left ear.
The advantage of the Herbst appliance is that it provides quick and accurate mandibular protrusive adjustability.
The relationship between the two developed until by 1902 Pinker, the "rosy, round-faced clean-shaven grey-haired sphinx with a protrusive underlip," had almost full control of Conrad's literary negotiations (Hepburn, Letters 27).