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Simultaneous multi-sensorial perception (audio and tactile) by joining audio messages generated characteristics with the tactile characteristics of the graphic signs in protrusive while palpation with the fingers is accomplished in the cognition process;
Because Apnea Guard has no metal components and controls both vertical and protrusive adjustment, it can be used in MRI imaging studies to better understand the response of the airway to mandibular repositioning," stated Dr.
Shot in 3-D on smartphones and GoPro cameras, Adieu employs the extra dimension not, as one might expect from the cantankerous Godard, to mock the post-Avatar mania for the gimmick--"What they call images are becoming the murder of the present," he pronounces in the film--but to pay homage to cinema's past and to use 3-D's protrusive illusionism to amplify the everyday splendor on which the director has long doted: nighttime traffic, fields of flowers, bucolic lakeshores.
Apoptotic blebs are protrusive blisters formed when cellular plasma membrane delaminates from the cortical cytoskeleton, covering the entire surface of apoptotic cells.
What follows is a succession of such transformations: she builds a head of tangled Grecian curls and is Medusa; she gouges deeply into her upper lip, remodelling her lower face and sculpting her hair into long, upright ears and is a woman-hare hybrid; she folds her ears forward to form a heavy brow, adds a broad protrusive nose, a jutting chin and horns and is a goat-man, a medieval devil.