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Infantile digital fibroma forming protuberant nodule (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X2).
X's abdomen was protuberant and she displayed the typical linea nigra of pregnancy.
Code number 5 ("10101") was possibly counted twice; therefore, it had a protuberant peak.
At six-month follow-up, the patient had good urostomy function, protuberant and healthy stoma, and no issues with stomal appliance fit (Figure 3).
clinical presentation in the literature for GSD 1a is protuberant abdomen and failure to thrive which is similar to the current study documenting as 83% and 64% respectively6,13.
Tergum with carinal margin protuberant in upper half to third, spurlength a tenth shorter than width, distance from basiscutal angle less than own width (Gordon, 1970, Biccard, 2012), the classification of this species as follows:
In this study, the wide spectrum of features produced by decomposition viz-bloating of body which can be misinterpreted as evidence of obesity, the combination of protuberant eyes, swollen lips, purged out tongue and purging of blood stained fluid from mouth and nostrils as a result of internal pressure of the gases and haemolysis which gives an erroneous impression of haemoptysis/ haematemisis/asphyxial death/trauma to head and discharge of blood stained fluid from the genital orifices which can raise suspicion of an ante-mortem sexual injury were noted.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Ego trip 9 Rarer 10 Match 11 Omnibus 12 All 13 Studious 16 Saboteur 17 Tap 19 Namibia 21 Bonus 22 Pedal 23 Tackled DOWN: 1 Red meat 2 Tortilla 3 Arch 4 Frontier 5 Drub 6 Gross 8 Protuberant 13 Snowball 14 Untangle 15 Episode 18 Inept 20 Made 21 Back QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Residential 8 Aim 9 Dug 11 Blister 12 Glare 13 Bet 14 Met 15 Inspire 17 Yam 19 Lazy 21 Aged 23 Dump 25 Soya 27 Tot 29 Spinach 31 Amp 34 Tom 36 Route 37 Presume 38 Far 39 Rid 40 Transparent DOWN: 1 Rile 2 Emit 3 Intense 4 Europe 5 Tiger 6 Adam 7 Lure 8 Abbey 10 Get by 16 Elm 18 May 20 Apt 22 Gas 24 Unclear 25 Scarf 26 Snap up 28 Timed 30 Preen 32 Moat 33 Purr 34 Turn 35 Omit
The endothelial cells that lining these channels display hyperchromatism and pleomorphism, have round or oval aspect, sometimes protuberant (Figures 7 and 8).
Implant retained overdentures and complete dentures for patients with protuberant bony structures or large undercuts
With respect to the grotesque, Stallybrass and White wrote: "The classical statue has no openings or orifices whereas grotesque costume and masks emphasise the gaping mouth, the protuberant belly and buttocks, the feet and the genitals.
rufinota the face is only slightly ventrally protuberant (in Congomochtherus the face is obviously protuberant).