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Cooperative provable data possession for integrity verification in multicloud storage", IEEE Trans.
The argument for (*) is by contradiction (6): suppose D is provable from S.
Under current law, neither support arrears nor ongoing support are provable claims.
Since the theory is standard, all tautologies in its language are provable in the theory, and all logical consequences in its language of provable statements are provable.
So the only provable fact is that he headed the FBI for a long time.
He argues that the intuitively provable arithmetic sentences constitute a recursively enumerable set, which has a Godel sentence which is itself intuitively provable.
Once this is done, a zero-knowledge scheme can handle any theorem provable within any logic system.
In an age when merely earning the credits for a high school diploma guarantees nothing regarding the certificate-bearer's literacy level, passing the GED or the California High School Proficiency Exam should be considered the gold standard because they require provable literacy skills and because both are normed so that 40 percent of each year's graduating seniors can't pass them.