prove acceptable

References in classic literature ?
It is time that you should return to your countrymen, to deliver up some of those stores of experimental knowledge that you have doubtless obtained by so long a sojourn in the wilds, which, however they may be corrupted by preconceived opinions, will prove acceptable bequests to those whom, as you say, you must shortly leave for ever.
It is hoped that the current proposal, which has been developed in consultation with the local authority and other interested parties, will prove acceptable and allow Llandudno to be home to an all-weather lifeboat for years to come.
They hope a [euro]11m bid for the Denmark international (above) will prove acceptable to the Reds.
The Trust has had the inn market-valued and made a purchase offer to Marston's which they are optimistic will prove acceptable.
Unmasking Club 12 - and having their identity prove acceptable to ticket buyers - would be the start of the straight and narrow for Johnston.
Hence these alternative candidates, even though now in opposition, are unlikely to prove acceptable to many of the forces arrayed on the ground such as the southerners, the Huthis or the youthful demonstrators.
Hence these alternative candidates, even though they are now in opposition, are unlikely to prove acceptable to many of the forces on the ground, such as the southerners, the Houthis, or demonstrating youths.
The tentative contract deal worked out between the Worcester School Committee and the Educational Association of Worcester stakes out middle ground that should prove acceptable to both the schools and teachers.
The only other proposal which may prove acceptable to the lender is where the property is transferred into your sole name with your son guaranteeing the whole mortgage, as long as he is willing and has the wherewithal to do this.
And as he is obviously not averse to travelling, an invitation to the Hong Kong Cup (December 9 at Sha Tin) would no doubt prove acceptable.
The prospect of the prolific Dutchman, who celebrates his 30th birthday on July 1, leaving is not one that will be welcomed but if it brings in the cash t could help Ferguson secure t mid-field talent required t catch Chelsea, it could u prove acceptable.
The options will be weighed against how well they protect against contamination of the reservoir, meet state and federal drinking water guidelines, and prove acceptable to ratepayers, Douglass said.