prove the truth of

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References in classic literature ?
Before I depart I will give them to you; they will prove the truth of my tale; but at present, as the sun is already far declined, I shall only have time to repeat the substance of them to you.
At that moment a little accident supervened, which seemed decreed by fate purposely to prove the truth of the adage, that "misfortunes never come singly," and to add to their distresses the vexing one of the slip between the cup and the lip.
Mercy persisted, and conquered; she made him prove the truth of his own profound observation of clerical human nature by taking a piece of money from the purse.
Where are the monuments that would prove the truth of so vague a theory?
By degrees the sun disappeared behind the western horizon; but as though to prove the truth of the fanciful ideas in heathen mythology, its indiscreet rays reappeared on the summit of every wave, as if the god of fire had just sunk upon the bosom of Amphitrite, who in vain endeavored to hide her lover beneath her azure mantle.
Everything,' said Ralph, after a long silence, broken only by Mrs Nickleby's sobs, 'everything combines to prove the truth of this letter, if indeed there were any possibility of disputing it.
And to prove the truth of what he said, he told us briefly what had happened to a certain Christian gentleman almost at that very time, the strangest case that had ever occurred even there, where astonishing and marvellous things are happening every instant.
During the hearing, the bench gave a chance to reporter Ahmad Noorani to prove the truth of his story by sharing concrete evidence with the court.
When Church officials expressed skepticism about the apparition, the children said The Lady had promised a 'miracle' that would prove the truth of their experience.
The thought that someone might mistakenly think you harmed your own child deliberately or that you failed in your duty of care is so terrible that you find yourself layering all sorts of unnecessary detail to prove the truth of your story.
I communicated to him [Yau Yau) about the cattle that disappeared here around Bor [and] he promised me actually that he is working hard to prove the truth of the issue," Alier to Sudan Tribune .
His methods were spectacular: to prove the truth of his allegations that pre-teen prostitution was rife Stead arranged the purchase of Eliza Armstrong, the 13-year-old daughter of a chimney sweep.