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Provenance nonetheless looked on the march in the Wolferton at Royal Ascot, when she flashed home for fifth spot behind Mahsoob.
Freire's contributions to provenance management and computational reproducibility were specifically cited by the ACM.
The advisory committee established by the Federal Government to examine the dossier of the independent researcher into the provenance of works owned by the Leopold Museum - the so-called Michalek Commission - had already concluded in 2010, based on the extensive studies completed in the same year by provenance researcher Dr Sonja Niederacher that there would be no case for restitution if the Leopold Museum were owned by the Federal Government.
Our Flavours with Provenance were extremely well received, particularly the fruit flavours.
Data correction and provenance is vital in managing issues arising from missing or corrupt data due to sensor failure, fouling, drifting, calibration error, or data logger failure.
Consumers are seeking tasty food and drink that offers provenance DR VICKY KELL INVEST NI TRIP ORGANISER
In the art world, provenance documents the chain of ownership of an artefact: In the digital world, provenance is a description of what influenced an artefact, a data set, a document, a blog or any resource on the Web and beyond.
AT A TIME when restitution debates rage, it would be easy to suppose that Arnie Siegel's film Provenance, 2013, is simply a denunciation of a trade that has seen the furnishings designed for the Punjabi city of Chandigarh by Le Corbusier and Pierre jeanneret wrested from their original setting and sold by unscrupulous dealers into the luxury designer-furniture market in Western Europe and the United States.
Dubai: Rolls-Royce, which has had its pre-owned programme -- Provenance -- running for some time, is starting to see traction build up.
IsraE1/2l a mis en garde hier mercredi contre toute attaque en provenance de Gaza ou du plateau du Golan syrien apres des tirs consecutifs a la mort d'un prisonnier palestinien dans un hopital israelien qui a rallume les tensions dans les Territoires.
The writers explore works of art as diverse as Italian drawings, Chinese handscrolls, and books of American poetry, but those works of art looted by the Nazis and the implications of their provenance cast an imposing shadow and are the subject of the most compelling essays.
MANAMA: Bahrain's Rolls-Royce dealer Euro Motors has announced the latest details of Rolls-Royce Provenance, the company's approved programme for pre-owned Rolls-Royce cars.