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It yielded 139 objects with a (potentially) problematic provenance from 41 different museums.
The fact that so much time has elapsed since the end of the Second World War should never be a reason for not conducting research on provenance.
This honours those who were victimized in this respect during the Second World War and is part of the responsibility we assume to chart the provenance of our public art collection with transparency.
The writers explore works of art as diverse as Italian drawings, Chinese handscrolls, and books of American poetry, but those works of art looted by the Nazis and the implications of their provenance cast an imposing shadow and are the subject of the most compelling essays.
The Introduction, by editors Feigenbaum and Reist, outlines the role of provenance in much of twentieth century art scholarship.
As the four themes suggest, there is more to provenance than "lists.
The statistically significant differences between provenances were determined by conducting least significant difference (LSD) tests using the data from the Kruskal--Wallis ANOVA test.
Significant differences between provenances for a 95 percent significance level are also presented.
In particular, answers to two specific questions are sought: 1) are there significant provenance differences in growth rates of this species, as none have been reported to date; and 2) are North Carolina provenances capable of tolerating winter conditions as they currently exist in New Jersey?
Those of New Jersey provenances were grown from cuttings gathered from healthy, native trees between 25 and 60 years of age, as determined by increment coring, from Lebanon State Forest, Belleplain State Forest, and High Point State Park, located in southern, central, and northern New Jersey, respectively.
It is all about things and the mystique they can confer on their owners, often a mystique conferred by the identity of the previous owner, as in the case of the aspirin tins, though the provenance of genuine heirlooms has, from the beginning, added to the willingness of a buyer to pay more.
Exceptionally rich annotations give not only the physical properties of each volume, but provenance notes; clues to its relative scarcity; whether or not it is recorded in Renouard or other studies of French printing; variations in borders, initials, illustrations, and other pictorial devices; plus a wealth of information displaying the depth of Mr.