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Eight year after establishment, two apparently healthy trees were randomly chosen in each of the six provenances.
In addition, Principal Coordinates Analyses (PCoAs) were performed in GenAlex for the clustering analyses of the provenances and ROPs.
While one might anticipate a robust discussion of Raubkunst (restitution), the author instead examines a less studied issue--how the Third Reich employed the provenances of "degenerate" art as fodder for ridicule.
The weight of seeds and kernels vary with different provenances and types of branches.
The results of various assays indicate that Jatropha provenances have the potential for the development of novel compounds for the treatment of various ailments and infections.
The statistically significant differences between provenances were determined by conducting least significant difference (LSD) tests using the data from the Kruskal--Wallis ANOVA test.
When moisture content in each seed after 118 hours of imbibition was determined, 12% from both provenances were not hydrated (Fig.
In particular, answers to two specific questions are sought: 1) are there significant provenance differences in growth rates of this species, as none have been reported to date; and 2) are North Carolina provenances capable of tolerating winter conditions as they currently exist in New Jersey?
It is all about things and the mystique they can confer on their owners, often a mystique conferred by the identity of the previous owner, as in the case of the aspirin tins, though the provenance of genuine heirlooms has, from the beginning, added to the willingness of a buyer to pay more.
Duff implements the provenances in a single library routine that all programs call as they begin execution.
Drought stress in provenances of Lupinus elegans from different altitudes
Copy texts include manually-corrected printed texts with provenances in Fanshawe's family and immediate circle" and, in the case of "Specium rerum a Lusitanis," a presentation manuscript compiled under Fanshawe's direction; substantive textual variants are collated.