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A RECENT informative letter in Birmingham Mail's Talkback, proverbially singing the praises of Ward 20 in one of Britain's finest hospitals, reminded of my own spell in Heartlands Hospital, and the love and dedicated nursing that I received on Ward 19.
Each system proverbially speaks a different language, so this [Apache Arrow] establishes a kind of efficient lingua franca for data that we can use to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
The children of divorcing or separating parents often are proverbially "caught in the middle.
As our world gets proverbially smaller all the time, humor may be a saving grace for our planet.
Because the people in the margins of society, those who are proverbially deserving to have 'more in law,' the nameless millions, do not have the inclination to demand that a person should have the coveted title 'attorney' before he or she joins their struggle.
They were happy to be able to give local, proverbially neglected projects, a chance they ended up making big solutions to small problems, thanks to the NGO Fund.
An underground water spring, proverbially with healing properties, streams into a man-made pool.
We've all heard about how Google's proverbially simple search form has led professionals to expect similar simplicity from search solutions provided by corporate IT.
It was a sweet victory for Rams to be new champions since they proverbially passed through the eye of the needle in the tough games they went through before the do-or-die championship match with Ooredoo, who led the standings even during the elimination rounds.
And lo and behold, prices adjusted, wages adjusted, and the '20s proverbially roared.
Bikes are beasts; however, if they actually were and not just proverbially, they would have made up for some real variety -- some would have been horses, some cats, some rabbits and others rats.