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In particular, we shall not be concerned here with what Egungun say to the people, but rather focus on the Yoruba ideas of public office ethics that have been encapsulated in what is said proverbially to and about their Egungun.
Although I am sure that Prince Charles has hated being proverbially unemployed, I am sure that in addressing the current concern over climate change, the last thing the world needs is a lecture from someone who has never worked a day in his life.
Your proverbially bull-enraging red rag was positively discreet compared to that lurid little ensemble which we were required to wear to and from school on pain of hefty slabs of detention if spotted inappropriately attired by a master or a prefect with copper's nark ambitions.
However, we do tend to proverbially beat ourselves when we get things wrong.
Proverbially at least, Newton had an apple fall on his head and thought of gravity: Manjir had come up with what she calls the Black Hole Principle.
But the path of virtue is proverbially rough, and I have a sneaking feeling that for most of us truth is a rather elastic commodity, at least in certain circumstances.
Shakespeare mentions a slovenly maidservant, but she is not pinched into orderliness; instead, the by-product of her indolence -- the worms which proverbially grew in the fingers of lazy girls -- serves merely as an object for comparison.
But it would be difficult to believe the 2010 signing from Wrexham wouldn't go home and privately and proverbially kick the cat when he'd hear the oft-repeated phrase that there was little to choose between the two.
If during their 13 years of occupation, the well-armed and deadly-equipped American and allied armies, when almost nearly 200,000-strong, couldn't subdue these insurgent-infested troubled areas, how can reasonably the feat be expected from a puny force, as envisaged by the agreement, of just 8,000 to 12,000 soldiers, confined to a string of bases scattered over various regions of the proverbially inhospitable land to foreign invaders and occupiers?
QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: Whose wife, proverbially, must be 'above suspicion'?
Graduates of the Birmingham Schools Guitar Ensemble, they certainly have between them more than the three chords proverbially required to start a rock band.
Arts generally viewed as lesser - emblems, miniatures, heraldic devices, even the proverbially anathematized arts of cosmetics - tended to be conflated with the so-called finer arts to the detriment of their reputation.