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CLU and ChFC--The Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant credentials usually are obtained by those who provide insurance services.
Some governments provide benefits intended to hasten an employee's voluntary termination of services, sometimes referred to as early-retirement incentives, which may be offered for a short period of time or, in some cases, may be part of a longer-standing offer.
AIT-WORM media is used to prevent deletion of the document records, and provide an audit trail for modified documents.
There is never any obligation under an ACSA agreement to provide a number or value of transactions, and a transaction may be declined for any reason.
received a $20,000 grant to provide emergency shelter, medication, transportation, and medical testing for 225 homeless veterans.
The ICMICs will provide funding for a minimum of three Research Components.
Some medical modules provide space for indicating special conditions that can be very important--if not life saving--in the event of an emergency.
Our Divisions have the greatest opportunity to provide the valuable training we discussed above We have eleven Divisions distributed over the United States, with leaders who know the paper mills and related businesses and what makes sense for their area.
Each of these rel ationships can provide a unique source of career development support and opportunity for learning (Ibarra, 1993).
As we expand to provide real estate support on an international basis, UT Realty has been especially receptive to working with a team that can provide a single point contact with a proven ability to provide strategic consulting 'services," said Brian Magory, managing director of USI's International Operations.
The most important thing members can remember is that if a claim is brought against them they should report it to Bertholon-Rowland, ADAA endorsed broker, and leave it up to the insurance company for their employer and for this ADAA policy to work it out among themselves to provide the broadest coverage.
In order to meet the requirements of IDEA regarding adaptations, accommodations, and program modifications, teachers must identify and provide those supports that will enhance the student's learning of the educational standards.