provide an answer

See: respond
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If questions regarding compliance, transactions, legislation or any other topic cannot be answered at the time of the call, NSSF will do its best to provide an answer within 24 hours.
This issue of the Humanist attempts, both indirectly and directly, to provide an answer.
Perhaps Dia's season-long dozen-painting exhibition--which includes the never-before-publicly-exhibited Great Pyramid, 1979, a twelve-panel masterpiece considered the artist's last major statement--will provide an answer.
Although city and airport officials rarely agree on anything, Victor Gill, a spokesman for the airport, said he too was disappointed Garvey did not provide an answer on the ANCA question.
Silver may provide an answer, according to scientists at the Argonne (Ill.
Specific questions can also be given a negative score if the answers are wrong or if the student doesn't provide an answer.
With the bulletin board, users would send mail to Meyer, who then forwarded the message to the city department that could provide an answer.
Globecomm's Hybrid Satellite - Cellular Network services is economical and provide an answer that is both flexible and economical as demonstrated during the exercise.
Our advantage over the competition lies in our engineering staff's ability to provide an answer for specific customer needs.