provide an opportunity

See: extend, offer
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Linda Saunders, managing director of The Public said: "The workshops will provide an opportunity for artists to learn techniques and try something new.
A GROUNDBREAKING business network will provide an opportunity for SMEs to assess their performance, gain access to entrepreneurs and experts, and make them aware of the latest regional and national initiatives and opportunities.
The Transit Village will provide an opportunity to reverse this trend by generating a profitable new tax ratable for the Township.
On the informal side, any large- or small-group program activity can provide an opportunity for pulse-taking regarding trust and trustworthiness--immediately during face-to-face activities, and as a follow-up in the case of electronic communication activities.
Monitoring systems enable 'companies to verify their actions, meet their objectives or provide an opportunity to take corrective action before problems linger for extensive periods.
The intent of Clean Hunter is to provide an opportunity for the coalition to work together and practice strikes throughout the European theater.
ADAA would like to provide an opportunity for its members to list their availability at no charge in occasional issues of The Dental Assistant.
The equivalency exam is intended to provide an opportunity for students who already possess the knowledge contained in the course to demonstrate their proficiency.
It is said to provide an opportunity for participants to discuss the latest developments, applications and potential for the industry.
We're just trying to provide an opportunity to some young kids who would normally never get a chance - either because they can't afford it or never got the opportunity.
Hold an all staff meeting to introduce each to the other, provide an opportunity for open conversation, and create an atmosphere of friendliness and teamwork.
Even more important to Bradley than grooming a future Grand Slam champion is the notion that tennis can provide an opportunity for something even more important--higher education.