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The challenge was to find an institutional partner that would provide capital for construction, acquisition, development and working capital funding for relatively small properties costing under $5 million each in mostly secondary locations across a number of different states," notes Paul Fried, an AFC principal, who placed the transaction with an institutional private equity fund.
Proceeds from Parthenon's investment, along with proceeds from other participants including ADPI senior management, Glenview Capital Management and other investors, were used to recapitalize the company and provide capital for future growth.
Provident will use the five-year line of credit to acquire senior living properties and to provide capital for corporate operations.
The grant monies typically provide capital for companies' initial commercialization of new technologies - activities that are essential to attracting larger rounds of funding from venture capital companies and other investors.
In particular, financing institutions are extremely hesitant to provide capital for construction of new or unstabilized hotels.
Fannie Mae Funds to Provide Capital for Short-Term, Low-Interest Loans to Finance Affordable Workforce and Transitional Housing
MVIC will provide capital for early stage businesses based in Michigan, it will create thousands of new jobs and will also establish Michigan as a leader in numerous future industries.
2 million in common stock to facilitate the acquisition, and to provide capital for further organic growth and potential acquisitions.
We intend to provide capital for NanoPierce as long as needed until the Company can attract and close a strategic industry investor.
This should enable us to generate sufficient internal capital to fuel our organic growth and also provide capital for acquisition opportunities.
who also acted as a financial advisor on the transaction, will be used to effect the acquisition, fund an accelerated network capital expenditure plan, and provide capital for future acquisitions of other wireless properties.
Axys is also building shareholder value through affiliated businesses that leverage the Axys technologies in order to provide capital for Axys' drug discovery and development programs.