provide financing

See: subsidize
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A UK government agency, dedicated for export promotion, is looking to provide financing support to the British firms participating in the development of Duqm refinery project in Oman.
DFC) in Belize to provide financing for priority sectors in that country has been given a boost by a loan of US$10.
Equipment financing is an area of particular growth, Warren Capital launched an equipment financing platform 2 years ago known as Ziplease, a system through which equipment vendors can provide financing for customers through Warren Capital.
Summary: Abu Dhabi National Leasing or ADNL, will provide financing and leasing options and other services for Airbus aircraft to be acquired in the airlines in the Arabian Gulf region.
After signing of this agreement, Meezan Bank will also provide financing for Dell laptops.
The primary purpose of the acquisition is to be able to provide financing to less-creditworthy customers.
Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) is to provide financing for Tesla Motor's electric car.
CPC has been working with HPD on the NEP program since its inception and we are proud to once again provide financing under this very important program," said president and CEO of CPC Michael D.
The objective of MFL is to provide financing to Finnish local authorities and municipal federations and, as long as the financing is in line with state aid rules, and also to other municipality-controlled entities.
and women-owned businesses face in today's global marketplace, and the ability to provide financing or credit terms is one of the most critical elements in competing for and winning export sales," says Maxwell.
If the property is brought into production, the owners, Noranda and Golden Trio Minerals, will provide financing, reducing Pamex's interest to 25 per cent.