provide refuge

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Bishop Roberto Mallari of San Jose, chairman of the CBCP Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education, said his diocese was willing to provide refuge to those who fear for their lives.
Canadian authorities are diligent in protecting the integrity of our border and the safety of our country, while applying our rules and procedures to provide refuge for those in need of our protection.
These houses provide refuge for deprived women who have become homeless due to disputes with the spouses or divorce, said Sheikh Khaled Al-Mathkour, the head of trustee's board of "Al-Iman Trusteeship" association in Sheffield.
Major shopping malls such as Limketkai Center, Centrio Mall and SM also extended their operating hours to provide refuge to stranded civilians.
Countries in a position to provide refuge to the Rohingyas need to introspect on the reasons for their reluctance.
They build canals, fell trees and build dams, creating pools which in turn provide refuge and breeding areas for many other creatures.
During their flyover, the shores and hinterlands of Dhobab district in Taiz provide refuge to over 60 thousand birds and a dizzying array of species.
The protected area will provide refuge to several endangered species, including sooty terns, beaked whales, silky sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks, manta rays, corals, and five types of sea turtles.
TWO schoolchildren have teamed up to bash the bullies - by persuading police chiefs and business bosses to provide refuge to worried kids.
DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg yesterday announced that the UK Government will provide refuge to some of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees after opposition parties called on Britain to open its doors.
Obama was supposed to have the meeting with the Russian president to discuss Russia's strategy in order to provide refuge to the fugitive whom U.
The summit also called on all those countries which provide refuge to those criminals and corrupt individuals to enable the Libyan government to bring them to justice with all the legal guarantees for the accused.