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In Thunder and Frogs SmartyCat asks a question of his animal friends who take the reader on a colourful journey with bright, imaginative pictures and simple words to provide the answer.
E[acute accent]"We hope to provide the answer to a man's universal quest to find and give `the perfect gift,'" said Schmitt.
With enhanced gameplay mechanics, improved AI, and an upgraded battle system, Disciples II: Dark Prophecy promises to provide the answer to the ultimate question - Who among them will survive.
Coronado stands ready, pending FDA approval, to provide the answer.
5 enables a company to organize its knowledge, make it accessible and then provide the answer the customer seeks via a powerful case-based reasoning engine.
Whether a simple technical question or a complete solution to a display application, the Kyocera-Bell Team can provide the answer.
It is very important to have the Model School Program to provide guidance for schools wishing to move down the technology path and to match schools with companies that can provide the answers or solutions that the schools need," says Terry Smithson, Intel America's education marketing manager.
Join a panel of economic and investment strategy experts as they provide the answers to the most pressing questions of the day.
Whereas chess experts would find themselves hard-pressed to answer such questions with any degree of certainty, a new, sophisticated computer program specifically designed for analyzing six-piece endgames can now provide the answers.
Utilizes in-depth primary research to provide the answers to how the markets have arrived at the point they have and what the future holds.
But who has the time to sift through more than 300 million results to find the handful of relevant sites that will provide the answers you're looking for?