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This is grossly unfair on teams like Tranmere which have generally been providently managed.
Boucher providently used much the same stance and background in his Mine de Pompadour leaving her Dressing Table (Waddesdon Manor); leaving it presumably at the earnest request of her small dog.
In a chapter of that book, providently entitled "Interpreting without a Dictionary," he noted that "most readers of this book (understandably) would prefer more space devoted to illumination and less to problems, pitfalls, and anomalies.
It is simply a distillation of what he so providently provided, and I am greatly indebted to him for his efforts.
Particularly important seems here the connection between detachment and the readiness to yield to the spur of the moment ("in the present now" -- in disem gegenwertigen nu), and to refuse to think providently, i.
2d Dep't 2008) (concluding that "the Supreme Court providently exercised its discretion in granting the .